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ALEO's scratchings
Numb3rs/Supernatural Fic: Trick 3/4 
14th-Nov-2012 06:00 pm
Title: Trick
Author: ALEO[info]aleo_70
Genre: Gen
Characters: Don Eppes, Dean Winchester and Sam Winchester with cameo by ADIC Wright.
Fandoms: Numb3rs/Supernatural - crossover
Rating: PG 13+
Warning: violence
Disclaimer: I don't own them, I just borrowed them. Numb3rs, Supernatural and associated characters are the property of those that created them. No copyright infringement intended. No financial reward gained. All real places and organisations are used in a fictional sense. Anything you don't recognise comes from my imagination.
Spoilers - Numb3rs: nil; - Supernatural: nil.
Status: Part 3 of 4
Wordcount (this part): 2420
Total wordcount: ~ 8400

Summary: Another Halloween and another encounter with the Winchester brothers leaves Don under suspicion.


The smoking leaves started to fall following the laws of physics before a sudden inexplicable breeze sprang up inside the circle, tossing the charred herbs around as if they were caught in a twister.  There was no effect on the rest of the room as the mass swirled faster and faster.  Not able to believe what he was seeing Don was unable to tear his gaze away as the box suddenly opened fully, an intense red glow blazing forth.  The mini-twister suddenly tightened, spinning impossibly fast as it centred on the glow.  There was an ear-splitting shriek as the vortex contracted further before being seemingly sucked into the glow and the box.  Just as suddenly there was no glow, just an empty box and a few last motes floating gently to the floor, all signs of the impossible twister disappearing in an instant.

Staring at the empty box and the lid lying on the floor beside it Don found himself speechless.  He’d seen some impossible things in the times he’d encountered the Winchesters but nothing quite as impossible as what he’d just witnessed.  He swallowed and drew his thoughts together as the brothers quickly packed up their stuff and worked to remove their marks from the floor.

“What was that?”  He finally managed.

“That was nearly the end of the world,” Dean supplied.

“Really?” Don couldn’t help the sarcastic tone.  Before it was just those in the Field Office that were at risk, now it was the world.

Dean turned and levelled a look at the agent, no humour in his expression, “Really.”

“If we didn’t stop it in time,” Sam qualified.

“So, it’s stopped then?”

The humour that had been missing moments before returned, “What do you think?”

“How the hell would I know?”

“Dean!”  Sam snapped before his brother could give another non-answer.  “It’s done,”

“So we’re done and we can get out of here before you’re spotted?”

After a glare at his brother for being shut down Dean nodded, “We’re good to go.”

Ushering the brothers out he had a quick look at the room, it was almost back to the way it was.  Aside from a blinded camera and a damaged smoke sensor all that remained to show anything had happened was a smear of colour on the floor and some charred plant leaves.  There was also an out of place box but there was no way he was touching that after what he’d just seen.  Pulling the door closed he heard the lock engage.  Again the Winchesters were waiting for him so he led the way back across the floor towards the elevators, shoving his bloodied handkerchief into his pocket on the way.  Reaching the foyer he pressed the call button only to become alarmed as the seconds ticked by.  The lack of a waiting car meant that someone had called it away.  Crossing his fingers he hoped it would return empty but somehow knew it wouldn’t.  His fear was realised when the doors finally opened to reveal one of his more junior agents.

“Agent Eppes!” The agent said in surprise.  “Sir, I thought you’d left.”

“I had,” Don agreed, stepping forward in an effort to focus the man on him.  “What are you doing back, Agent Clement?”

“I‘ve forgotten a form.  I’m on leave after today so I have to fix it now,” Josh Clement explained.  He glanced at the two men flanking the senior agent and started to frown.

Hoping it was not already too late Don continued forward into the lift, all but forcing Clement out.  “Then you’d best get on it and get back home to start your leave,” Don suggested with a slight smile to keep up appearances.  Any other time he would have applauded the other agent’s dedication but not right then.

As the Winchesters followed Don reached to press the button for the basement when he saw Clement’s expression change as he stared at the two ‘agents’.

“I know you,” Clement started raising his hand to point at Dean, but got no further.

“Leave him be!” Don demanded but it was too late.

Dean had already reached out and grabbed the junior agent by his outstretched wrist, yanking him firmly into the elevator.

Sam pressed the button Don had been reaching for as Dean jammed his gun into Clement’s ribs and shoved him against the wall.  The younger Winchester then reached into the bag and came back up with the laser pointer that he used on the elevator camera.  The laser pointer went back into the bag to be replaced in Sam’s hand by the Taurus aimed back at Don.  The whole thing had not even taken two seconds with the elevator doors just starting to close.

In the process of moving towards Dean to protect his agent Don stopped and lifted his hands, “Everyone stop!  Josh, don’t move.”

Swallowing at the sudden violence and the two guns in play Clement froze and acknowledged the order, “Sir.”

Dean released his grip and used his spare hand to remove Clement’s weapon and tuck it into his waistband.  He then pushed the second agent towards the first.

“Sir?”  Clement questioned in a low voice as they stood together with their hands up under the threat of the two guns.

“They jumped me on the way out and forced me to bring them in,” Don explained.


“Quiet!”  Dean snapped.  With an audience Dean was suddenly all ‘hostage taker 101’ in keeping with his promise to make it look as though Don was under duress if they were discovered.  The doors opened, “Hands down.  Out, move!”

Dropping his hands Don gave Clement a nudge in the direction of his SUV then followed the junior agent out.  Anticipating the next order Don unlocked the doors only to find himself pressed against the side of the vehicle, along with the other agent, as the two Winchesters crowded in close to block their actions from the security cameras that dotted the ceiling.  Dean pulled the empty Glock from Don’s holster and dropped it, kicking it under the SUV as Sam gave Clement a more thorough search, coming up with a cell phone that was also kicked out of sight under the vehicle.  A second gun went the same way as Dean dropped Clement’s weapon.

“You already have me, let Agent Clement go,” Don demanded, not liking where things looked to be headed.

“Sir, no!” Clement protested.

He knew where the other agent was coming from; staying together improved the odds somewhat in their favour, making it two on two.  But, as Charlie would say, Clement didn’t have all the factors he needed.  Given the time he’d recently spent with Dean Don could be almost sure he wasn’t in serious danger, even if he still wasn’t completely decided on where things stood between them.   But add another agent into the somewhat unstable mix as looked to be happening and Don could only see disaster.

Moving smoothly as if they’d rehearsed it Sam reached out a hand and grabbed Clement’s upper arm, “Come with me.” 

Dean stepped back and waved his Colt at the senior agent, “Get in and start the car.”

“Where are you taking him?” Don demanded automatically.

“Somewhere he’ll be safe until we’re gone,” Dean snapped.  “Move!”

“Sir,” Clement protested again, pulling against Sam’s grip even as he seemed more concerned with what might happen to his boss.

“Josh, do as they say,” Don ordered, hoping he was reading things right.  “You know what they’re capable of.”

The junior agent let himself be led away as Don complied with Dean’s instructions.  His attention was on Clement and Sam however and he had to admit to himself he was relieved when they stopped at a nearby support pylon and he saw Sam take out Clement’s cuffs.  A moment later Sam was on his way back, leaving the junior agent with his hands cuffed around a metal pipe running down the pylon.

Knowing time was now of the essence Don didn’t wait for instructions, he released the brake and drove the short distance to pick up Sam.  The younger Winchester was barely in the car, the door not even closed, before Don was on the move again.  He jerked to a stop with the SUV’s grill almost touching the roller that had automatically started to rise after they’d crossed the sensor.  Tapping his fingers on the wheel as the roller insisted on taking its time he glanced across to see Dean staring at him curiously.  He glanced up into the mirror as explanation.

Dean looked into the wing mirror, gazing back at the younger agent Sam had left chained to the pipe to see the man jerking around and kicking his legs.  “How good are your security dudes?”

“Very good,” Don said tightly. 

A malfunctioning camera or two was one thing, but the white shirts couldn’t help but notice the abrupt movements Clement was making in an effort to attract their attention.  With the help of a zoom lens the why would become all too clear.  They had only moments before the alert sounded.  As if hearing his thoughts the roller abruptly stopped, a long way before its normal track had been completed.  A red light started flashing as a siren sounded.  With the understanding he had of the building’s security protocols there was no more time to waste.  Gunning the engine causing his tyres to squeal they flew forwards, the roof of the SUV scraping under the roller that by some miracle was just high enough not to impede them.  But they weren’t out of the woods yet and he kept the accelerator down, almost making it cleanly across the rising bollards.  The SUV’s rear bumper was briefly caught and the heavy vehicle jerked upwards but their momentum was enough to carry them forwards and clear.

Now he was thankful for the empty roads as he shot out across two lanes before he fully regained control.  Straightening up he kept his foot down, determined to get the brothers back to their car before LAPD arrived on scene, called as another part of the protocol.  After a couple of blocks he slowed to the speed limit to avoid detection from any early units.  Another few and he pulled to the curb behind the Impala.

Dean pulled out his gun, waving it at the agent in a clear instruction.  A little surprised Don shut the SUV down before climbing out.

“What are you doing?  You don’t need that.”

“Making this look good for the cameras,” Dean explained with a jerk of his gun.  “Just one of the many things I hate about LA.  They’ll be checking them, won’t they?”

A little belatedly Don raised his hands for the surveillance cameras, no longer feeling under any actual threat from Dean’s gun now that they’d achieved what they’d come for.  He saw Sam toss the bag into the Impala and step back waiting for his older brother.  “If you ever feel the urge to come back to LA, don’t look me up.”

“This isn’t good-bye, Fed,” Dean said, waving his gun towards the Impala.

There was no mistaking the meaning, “No.”

“Again with the stubborn streak.”  This time it was Dean who sighed.  He moved his gun hand slightly, this time in emphasis.  “Looks like I do need this.  Do I have to put the cuffs on you as well?”

“What the hell, Dean?”

A smirk broke across Dean’s face, “Oh man, if you didn’t just sound like Sammy then.”

“Whatever,” Don said before getting back to the point.  “What are you doing?”

“Taking you with,” the other supplied.  “Just til we’re clear, sounds kinda like we’ve kicked the hornet’s nest doesn’t it?”

“Yes, you did,” Don agreed, approaching sirens making that all too evident.  That had been the reason behind his rush to get the brothers back to their car.  Protocol demanded that an urgent call for assistance would have also gone out to any free agent that could return to investigate the security breach.  Delivering them quickly back to their car had given them the best chance to clear the area, a chance that was now evaporating as Dean spun things out.  The Winchester brothers had demonstrated on many occasions an ability to seemingly vanish into thin air, why Dean felt he needed to take a hostage to ensure their escape this time was beyond him.

“You don’t need to take me along,” he argued.  “Look you mentioned my cuffs; cuff me to my SUV if you want.  It will be obvious I wasn’t able to stop you leaving.”

“Another thing I don’t like about this town,” Dean said as he stepped in and shoved the agent back against his door, flipping him around in the process.  “Too many cops.  We leave you here you’ll flag down the first one that passes.  I’m guessing that won’t be long and we need a bit more of a head start than that with the traffic the way it is.”

Knowing there was no point in continuing the argument Don didn’t resist as Dean pulled out his cuffs and restrained his hands.  Done, he was pulled back a step and then pushed towards the Impala and the waiting younger brother. 

“Dean?” Sam asked, sounding somewhat puzzled.  Whilst they often seemed to be on the same wavelength there were times when they clearly weren’t.

“Too many cops,” Dean repeated.  The rising cacophony of sirens testified to that.

Sam didn’t waste time demanding further explanation.  “Fine.  Let’s just get out of here.”

Hustled to the side of the polished black car and the door Sam pulled open ready for him Don experienced another flashback to his nightmare and baulked. 

“What is it with you tonight?”  Dean suddenly asked.  “You’re all twitchy.”

“You think what you’re doing doesn’t explain that?” Don responded testily as Dean prodded at him.  There was no way he was going to share the details of the nightmare that had him spooked.  Forced into the car Don settled himself as comfortably as he could, sitting sideways in the seat as Dean slammed the door shut.

Pulling out they passed the first black & white two blocks away.  In an effort to avoid arousing the officer’s suspicions Dean pulled the Impala to the right to give the officer as much of the road as he could want.  Dean’s efforts to appear like a good citizen worked and the officer passed them by with only a glance.

Next chapter - here
(Deleted comment)
15th-Nov-2012 07:59 am (UTC)
I've missed writing!

... and I just had to do it, I tried not to but I just had to!
28th-Jan-2013 02:07 am (UTC)
They are starting to spend too much time together :-)
1)“What the hell, Dean?” A smirk broke across Dean’s face, “Oh man, if you didn’t just sound like Sammy then.”

2)“What is it with you tonight?” Dean suddenly asked. “You’re all twitchy.”
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